Transactional Analysis Coaching Training details.

Transactional Analysis Coaching

Objective of the Program

This program, created by blending the Transactional Analysis approach with coaching tools, allows people to internalize this awareness from a coaching perspective by helping them to realize their self-state. In this way, through first noticing their behavior towards themselves, then towards others and their lives, it is possible to:
• Develop multidimensional perspectives
• Be able to engage in more successful communication and relationships
• Build a happier and more peaceful life.

Content of the Program

• Transactional Analysis Ego States
• Transactional Analysis
• Ego States
• Parental Ego Status
• Adult Ego Status
• Child Ego Status
• Structural Analysis
• Functional Analysis
• Interaction of Ego States
• Transactions
• Constancy Hypothesis / Egogram
• Structural Features Of Ego States
• Life Positions
• I’m not OK-You’re OK
• I’m not OK – you’re not OK
• I’m OK-You’re not OK
• I’m OK-You’re OK

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