One-on-One Management Coaching Training with Fatih Elibol

One-on-One Management Coaching Training with Fatih Elibol

Its effectiveness, successful results and sustainability in professional life proven, Management Coaching is the most important investment made to people working at important levels in organizations.

It is a tool that offers high impact potential to institutions and the profitability of institutions. An influential and professionally competent Management Coach develops what is necessary to create the targeted impact. In order to achieve the ultimate measurable success during his/ her term, he/ she displays a holistic approach with trainings towards specific successful plans with clear measurement points and achieving the expectations, objectives of the organization along with many other areas.

The objective of the Management Coaching training program is to ensure that, within a 20-hour training period, employees at all levels of the companies conduct their business process with a Coaching perspective; bring together the corporate vision and the employees‘ business vision at a common point and provide employees with a powerful content of all kinds of information they need, from strategic business steps to achieving their goals.

With Management Coaching training, you will learn what management and concept of management is, how individuals want to be governed today, how a business is managed, what management functions are, and what characteristics should the activities of management levels have. You will learn what characteristics a successful manager should have, what executives working in big companies do as well as the tools of the strategic administration.

Management Coaching
Management Coaching

You will discover the achievements of Leadership and management, the importance of motivation for the manager and his/ her team, theories and strategies, meeting rhythms, along with your achievements as your experience and areas of opportunity increase with the training you will complete as a Management coach.

Coaching is a powerful tool in all aspects of life, and the focal point of coaching is always listening.  It is very easy for a successful Coach to ask the right questions to identify needs, to understand the culture of an organization, to discover the leadership practices of institutions and provide coaching plans for the company. There are many methodologies to apply for Management Coaching, but the skills and techniques you will learn with this training ecole, the value of the coaching process and the success of the methods you will apply will ensure that you become a qualified executive coach.

If you are a manager in an organization, developing your leadership skills in terms of professional development and career development, or developing and strengthening the leadership skills of your employees, identifying areas that need to be analyzed, and focusing on leadership elements will bring you exceptional results.

Whatever you want to achieve, you will learn to see your strengths and weaknesses, opportunities, obstacles you may encounter and how to overcome them; establish systemic needs and strategic approaches, clarify where to start, determine the path you will design and execute; and manage the whole process with your analytical thinking skills.

You will open a great door to discovering the leader within and developing the leaders around you. Imagine the benefits of being a person who inspires, motivates, has the power of effective communication in their relationships, who can build teams in collaboration with their field and strengthen these skills. It is very important to coach people to be the best; to ensure that they can set achievable goals and create feasible action plans, coordinate their vision and missions with a proper planning and organization, and to make them realize what kind of supervision method they need to develop.

The most powerful source that moves us forward throughout our lives is our motivation, and it is formed by our passion and sense of purpose. We have repeatedly experienced materializing of our goals that have gained a deep meaning and the possibilities created by the opportunities we face in the relevant field where we form our vision and focus in relation to how clearly we can see. We are more optimistic about any subject where our motivation is strong, and we are ready to move forward and take action at any time. As we strengthen the passion for our goal, we procrastinate less and become more engaged in the challenges of life. Throughout the process, we also try to find someone to support and help us without judgment.

In Management Coaching training, you will examine the importance of motivation both for a manager himself and his/ her team from a much deeper perspective. In this program, you will learn the main theories and strategies for motivating a team that has been performed and has achieved successful results so far.

By combining a sense of common purpose that will carry the team forward and bringing together the corporate vision and the employees ‘ business vision at a common point, you will see how much confidence generating motivation gives for the targeted future. Imagine an institution where each employee conducts all their business processes from a coaching perspective. Regardless of the job they are responsible for, they work sincerely, confidently and with pleasure with a completely high energy and self-respect. As their self-belief improves, their potential increases. Their increased potential means more effort and more action.

The increase in actions strengthens the results achieved, and this furthermore strengthens the belief in success on the way to the goal. With this program, you have the power of a learning content that will help you find the way to all this through the coaching that you will do.

With the Management Coaching training, as you strengthen yourself in management coaching, you will make an investment that will progress with the achievements of your experience and pave the way for your own success journey. Your training and experience will enhance your expertise, and you will achieve effective results by making right beginnings with your faith and potential.

Be aware of the powerful opportunities in business life, considering that in order to be more efficient and achieve higher success in corporate management, many of the world leaders and managers, with the support of management coaching, have established a system that benefits not only themselves but also their employees.

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