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“Let’s start”

Coaching is a lifestyle and the ability to manage life in its entirety.

Let’s Start CCE Certificate Program not only aims to transform your life and potential into the most effective and productive performance beyond acquiring a new professionalism and profession; but it also aims to make you realize that, in your current job and in the team you are connected to or that you are managing, you can ensure an effective rise with the coaching approach.

It is very important for you to properly establish your relationship with coaching at the very beginning, clarify the path we will move forward with the decision to become a professional coach, and understand the qualifications and conditions of being an ICF credentialed coach.

Program Highlights

MCC Cocach Fatih Elibol
MCC Cocach Fatih Elibol

Let’s Start Program, a Preparation and Introduction Program is one of the 8 CCE (Continuing Coach Education) Coaching Modules designed by MCC Mentor Coach Fatih Elibol. It is designed for professional coaches who want to be one of the best and is among the ICF (International Coaching Federation) accredited training programs.

The training is created as a special preliminary point for coaches, and it is a program that enables the coaches at the beginning of their journey to explore the coaching profession with Master Certified Coach (MCC) Fatih Elibol and to clarify all issues about coaching.

How would you feel about someone you report to all the time?

Coaching does not tell you what to do, it does not give you assignments or responsibilities. It makes you realize how you can overcome the obstacles that life brings ahead of you in your personal and professional life, along with the points you perform self-sabotage. This is the end of an era and the beginning of a new era. For those who want to succeed in their life and career, and for those who embark on a journey to become a professional coach in the coaching profession, nothing will ever be the same. Coaching firstly provides you with inner peace of mind, then it examines all your living spaces with questions like a magnifying glass. Coaching allows you to know how to get out of the conditions you are subjected and connected to.

With the help of the master and professional coaching approach, MCC Mentor Coach Fatih Elibol will help you find ways to steadfastly turn your thoughts into reality and make an introduction to the coaching profession, a creative and inspirational continuous learning process.

Here, the most important point is not just to make you feel good for a while by comparing you with a standard training structure, but to introduce you to how coaching works, how you can do it permanently and become the “best version of you” by providing you with an awareness of personal responsibility.

In the professional coaching profession,

It is possible to discover yourself
Get stronger, uncover your power
Find the way to improve all areas of your life
Gain awareness by separating from false belief patterns and be honest with yourself
Confront and make serious decisions about your life
Experience a great awakening about the current situation
Get on your feet again, handle and reconstruct your own life with a structural and functional transformation
Create strong motivation and excitement
Observe without loss and sadness, become clear by taking internal decisions, plan clear, effective and decisive action steps, surrender to change, transformation and development with courage, be an observant and participant in the action process by staying calm and in the flow, get rid of the aggressiveness of uncertainty, worries, troubles, wishes and regrets of the past, reset here and now and come to balance, get out of dilemmas knowing what you want, move forward safely with high motivation by allowing transformation and to provide all these with performance coaching service to others. 

Along with your decision, in this training of preparation for the transition to your new life, you will be more aware of all aspects of coaching and get clearer, more complete, and definitive information. In this way, you can overcome your fears to take action, put the coaching you delayed or ignored on your agenda, break the shells that limit you by getting started towards the good, beauty, and success with the company of coaching; you will gain a hopeful stance towards your life and business with the ability to identify the paths where you have the power to follow your creative passions.

Program Content

In this training you will receive with the Let’s Start CCE Certificate Program, participants will have the opportunity to transform their false facts about coaching, all the while being informed about who is a coach, what are the coaches’ responsibilities, what is the coaching philosophy, what are the benefits of coaching, what is and what is not coaching. With the “Applied Group Coaching” provided by MCC Mentor Coach Fatih Elibol himself, within the program, you will also have the advantage of experiencing what has been taught during the training. Performance coaching, a one-on-one practice with a limited number of leaders, entrepreneurs, and individuals who want to reach their best version each year, will be experienced as group coaching in this training program.

In this program, you will see how you can coach yourself, your business, and the people around you at the most basic level; you will learn how to acquire the coaching credential that will be valid globally. In this program, it is aimed for you to meet coaching directly and in the most accurate way before starting advanced coaching training that teaches you to create your own visions and perform performance coaching at your target points.

It is a program where people who intend for coaching to be a professional field learn how to position themselves in the coaching profession as a new coach candidate, how to find a client, the ICF credentialing coaching process, its conditions, what is needed, as well as strategy formulation. With the training program, you will gain the unique power of reaching the self-awareness and real satisfaction the coaching will provide for your goals in your lives.

With this introduction program, you will rediscover yourself, know who you are, and explore how to have a clear and determined stance on exactly where you want to get to in your life, thanks to the teachings of coaching. You will experience how you can provide the ability to redesign your world of thought, habits, and actions with coaching tools through refreshed ideas and original perspectives.

With MCC Mentor Coach Fatih Elibol, Let’s Start CCE Certificate Program aims to find answers to the areas of need such as the requirements of being an ideal coach with whom your circle will want to collaborate, how to find coachees and clients as a new coach, what role the core competencies of coaching should play at every stage, and what your strategy and positioning should be as a coach.

Coaching will allow you to establish a deep-rooted new order. You will realize how coaching guides with questions, enables you with the ability to navigate, provides a high motivation and action power in situations where there is a lack of will by mainly experiencing them in the “APPLIED GROUP COACHING” practice.

In the Applied Group Coaching practice carried out with performance coaching, MCC Mentor Coach Fatih Elibol will help you reach an experiential awareness of taking the first action step; in addition to following the action process through definition of action steps on the determined subject, in a single session. In this way, you will be able to find answers to frequently asked questions such as who works with a coach, how long should a coaching session last, what is the role of the coach in the sessions, how is a coaching session conducted and how often, how the coaching process progresses, and what are the issues worked on during the coaching session.

Life is to experience, learn and improve from our lives with strong experiences, to do the best we can with all these, continue a happy and successful journey with new experiences by using our internal and external resources effectively. Our programmed training is aimed at coaching you and bringing the coaching profession into your life through the processes of discovery, learning, and introduction.

Program Details

The duration of the online training consists of two days and 3 hours, a total of 6 hours. Participants will be able to experience the basic knowledge about coaching in a comprehensive infrastructure with MCC Mentor Coach Fatih Elibol’s experience of over 20 years.

All participants who have received 6 hours of training with the Let’s Start CCE Certificate Program will be able to obtain the information in the training content from MCC (Master Certified Coach) credentialed Mentor Coach Fatih Elibol along with the advantage of having the ICF-accredited CCE (Continuing Coach Education) certification.

After the Program

With a 6-hour start, you will embark on a journey of SUCCESS and take the first step in coaching that will allow you to get in touch with first yourself, and then with the lives of others. In this journey you will embark on once again with coaching, you will be able to transition to the most successful period of your life.

Let’s Start Program is a preparation and presentation training for your introduction, with all its content and the distinctness of the Fatih Elibol school.

The moment you realize that you can re-create your life scenario, in place of sadness, the motivation shows up to bring success and victories, you then determine what you can do or will not do. Therefore, when you become acquainted with coaching in this program, you know that coaching looks like a sun; and if you take it into your life, it will enlighten your whole life.

When you integrate your life with coaching, when you are determined to act with coaching knowledge, you can progress successfully by fulfilling the conditions and requirements of being a coach.

This preparation program reflects what you need and is designed according to your needs. 

LET’S START, so you can be the hero of your own life!

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