ACTP Holistic Life and Business Coaching Diploma Program

Coaching Diploma Program

In order to turn your coaching skills into professional competence, you must attend one of the ACTP, accredited coach training programs. Fatih Elibol, is a Master Certified Coach (MCC) authorized by ICF as one of the best coaches that meets the ICF core values, ethical guidelines, and ethical standards; and with this diploma program he has exclusively developed, you can take this journey with confidence.

MCC Coach Fatih Elibol
MCC Coach Fatih Elibol

ACTP (Accredited Coach Training Program) is a special training program authorized by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), including the entirely comprehensive teaching shaped around the ICF code of ethics as well the definition of coaching, and the program takes coaching to professional competence.

Progressing with MCC Fatih Elibol in this special training program means advancing on the ACTP Holistic Life and Business Coaching Diploma Program (HLBCDP), which was prepared and developed by him, and learning the knowledge and skills that will enable you to become one of the best in the profession, from one of the best coaches in the world.

The ACTP Holistic Life and Business Coaching Diploma Program (HLBCDP), designed for those who want to advance in the coaching profession, consists of 9 compulsory and elective modules of 174 hours in total. It is the newest diploma program that will make you one of the best in the profession, where you will acquire either the ACC (Accredited Coach Certified) credential or PCC (Professional Coach Certified) credential once you complete the program.

The Holistic Life and Business Coaching Diploma Program offers the highest quality training content with the follow-up of the latest professional developments in the coaching field, ensures that the participants gain awareness in both their professional and private lives and they can apply coaching teachings.

The program furthermore takes it as a mission to explain ICF with all its requirements and conditions to all participants who receive the training. In this way, it aims to train professional coaches who are the best in their fields through providing holistic trainings in the coaching field as well as contributing to the global development of the coaching profession.

Program Highlights

As the participants in the program are informed about the professional importance, acquisitions, the purpose of coaching, and the fact that it is a profession that will continue from today to the future; they find the opportunity to explore the role of the coach and the process of coaching service throughout the program. The program describes the basic principles, ethical values, and qualities of performance coaching, while allowing participants to improve their coaching core competencies and skills as well as taking them to expert-level professionalism.

In addition to these key points, the program enables all participants with the experience of receiving and providing coaching. Moreover, the impact of this experience allows them to be attentive to the process of the program with a strong commitment.

In addition, the program has been enriched with applications that enable participants to develop their skills of understanding themselves and others, develop action plans and strategies in listening processes as well as change and transformation, discovering their values, behaviors, habits, knowledge, skills, and potential. All students complete the program by performing at least 100 hours of coaching sessions.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy in the Holistic Life and Business Coaching Diploma Program training is to train the best coaches who conform to ICF core values, ethical guidelines and standards. We encourage the coach candidates to improve their overall awareness. We help them with all their developmental needs in navigation, analysis, planning the action process, and strategy development processes.

In addition to the knowledge, experience, skills, and expertise they have within the scope of the training, all of our follow-on trainings thoroughly adopt the approach of students as professionals in the field of personal development and coaching.

Our Training Content

Our trainings include Co-active Coaching, TGROW, Transactional Analysis, and Gestalt models, the main coaching models that are used for institutions and individuals to achieve set goals, and will ensure the institutional and conceptual completion of coaching service processes.

Who Can Participate?

Our Holistic Life and Business Coaching Diploma Program training is actively provided in Turkish and English in Turkey, England as well as EU and UAE countries.

Companies, company employees, human resources managers, all coaches and coach candidates, all leaders and managers, and anyone who wants to contribute to their personal development can participate in our diploma program.

The trainings within the scope of the program are given to all participants in the form of webinars, face-to-face, online, hybrid, on-site, and in-class trainings or in combination.

Program Requirements

Before starting the diploma program, a pre-training contract is made with all participants. There is a 100% attendance requirement to the trainings.

After the training is completed, it is necessary to have 30 hours of practice and complete 100 hours of individual coaching sessions, and when the sessions are completed, it is mandatory to hand in the record of the 10-day session to our instructor.

In accordance with the ICF certification criteria, to complete your diploma program, it is also necessary to receive a 10-session Mentor Coaching session after completing the mandatory training modules, where you will learn the details and conditions during the program.

Program Modules

The Holistic Life and Business Coaching Diploma Program includes 9 modules that you will receive during 174 hours. These are in order;

  • Basic Coaching Knowledge and Skills
  • Certified Coach Knowledge and Skills
  • Team Coaching
  • Management Coaching
  • Transactional Analysis Coaching
  • Gestalt Coaching
  • Sales Coaching with NLP
  • Supervisor Coaching
  • and Mentor Coaching.

In one of the compulsory courses, the Basic and Certified Coaching Knowledge and Skills modules, our priority is to ensure that all our participants know the coaching profession correctly and develop a sense of belonging. It is also intended to teach basic coaching skills and coaching tools with competence in coaching knowledge and skills.

Later on, we aim for our participants to acquire special techniques and skills that will coach them, their professional life, their environment, and the lives of their clients at a deeper level of expertise. During this time, participants have the first 30-hour coaching session experience with various practices.

At this stage, the ability to coach the emotion and the system is assimilated into the Co-active Coaching Model, an important and proven approach. Participants easily get to the place of working through not only the words they hear from the client, but also the words that are hidden behind these words along with the gaps between the words while communicating, especially during the coaching service.

The Coach gives a clear answer to the client about where he/ she is competent, where he/ she gives up, where he/ she hides behind excuses; ensures that the client is aware of his/ her strengths and areas open to improvement, and creates the right strategy and action plan during his coaching service. While executing this plan with the client, the Coach provides tools to help him/ her realize and overcome situations that he/ she may perform self-sabotage or create external obstacles.

In another compulsory course, the Team Coaching Module, by using the basic and certified coaching knowledge and skills, it is aimed to provide the participants with the competence to set the right goals as teams and achieve these goals.

In the Management Coaching Module, the participants gain the competence to ensure that company employees (blue-collar-white-collar) perform business processes with a coaching approach and that all employees act collectively for the company’s vision. It is facilitated for the individual to discover the management and leadership power, to use it in the most effective way as well as to make strategic and operational decisions as a leader manager.

At this stage of the program, the introduction to Business Coaching has now been made. In order to clarify and realize the goals that the participant wants to achieve in professional life, planning with the right strategy, removing uncertainties about business, career life and even monetary management as well as effective time management skills are developed. In Business Coaching, both in his business life and with the clients he serves, the coach has the ability to improve in-house communication, the visions of employees and institutions, keep the whole team focused on the common goal, and achieve corporate goals.

In the elective Transactional Analysis Coaching Module created with the integration of the Transactional Analysis approach that also includes important psychology theories with coaching tools, it is made possible for individuals to realize their ego states and life positions, and to internalize this awareness with a coaching perspective by helping them with structural and functional analysis. Here, it is aimed for the coach to gain complete competence to become a master of communication.

In the elective Gestalt Coaching Module, which deals with other psychoanalysis and psychology theorems and is as important as Transactional Analysis Coaching in MCC Mentor Coach Fatih Elibol’s school of coaching; it is ensured that all participants internalize the concepts and the coach emphasizes his personal self-awareness and intuition. It is intended for the coaches to explore what gestalt is, its basic principles, how it can be used as a way of life in holistic and business life, as well as applying the advantages it will bring.

In the elective Sales Coaching Module with NLP, with a more specific specialization, it is aimed to provide individuals and organizations with the special skills and techniques necessary for their sales managers and employees to coach all relevant teams.

While providing coaching services, it is ensured that all participants achieve results with special studies in language patterns by uncovering and reprogramming the subconscious resources needed to achieve the desired goals in their own business fields. By examining the processes of thinking, language, behavior and integrating the most effective method of using them with the NLP approach, this training aims to teach sales at a specific depth.

Observing those who especially have difficulties in coaching practices and discovering an important area of need in the coaching sector, Fatih Elibol, in the elective Supervisor Coaching Module, with the help of coach supervising that he accredited by combining his supervision approach with coaching, it is enabled for a coach who has a session to supervise his session with the eyes of a professional and experienced coach.

This training aims to provide all coaches and coach candidates with the competence that will enable them to supervise and evaluate the coaching service process as a competent and experienced supervisor, with the knowledge and skills required for professional development in coaching.

Introducing new and different coaching models and coaches trained with these developed models in the Holistic Life and Business Coaching Diploma Program, along with introducing the coaches to each other is one of the important objectives of the program.

In another special elective Mentor Coaching Module of the Diploma program, after the PCC credential they will arrive in the ICF certification journey, it is aimed to provide the coaches, who want to acquire a professional competency credential from the ICF, with the necessary knowledge and skills to be a mentor.

It is targeted to acquire knowledge, skills, and specialization in areas such as who is the mentor, what is mentoring, what are the responsibilities of a mentor, how is the mentorship that is compulsory in ICF certification, why is it necessary, what are the conditions, who is a mentee, what are the areas of responsibility of mentees, what is the context of the definition and program creation stages in the related relationship, and many others.

After the Program

With content that integrates and transforms, MCC Fatih Elibol is with you at the point of success the ACTP Holistic Life and Business Coaching Diploma Program will take you, along with all other related periods afterward. He continues to share and accompany your journey.

The program you will make the right choice by participating, through transforming your coaching skills into professional competence, will first transform you, then the people you will come into contact with, making you one of the esteemed coaches.

Contact us to go on this journey with MCC Fatih Elibol.

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