Fatih Elibol was born in Istanbul, Turkey. He completed his undergraduate studies at NYU Leonard N. Stern School of business, New York, with a double major in business administration and political economy. Following his master’s degree in business administration at Harvard University, Elibol is currently pursuing a PHD in psychology and human development at Oxford University.

Elibol continued his career within the Trump Organization between 1996 – 2004. While he was working as a sales manager, he developed trainings to the sales and management teams with his own design of hypnotic sales, holistic success, self-programming and coaching.

Fatih Elibol met with coaching in 1996 with the accompany of Thomas Leonard, who is the founder of ICF. Within the coaching skills, he has developed different business models through different initiatives since 2000. Elibol has established his brand which is operating in 5 continents of the world with the business type franchise system in real estate sector. He has made a difference in the world through his hypnotic performance coaching and mentoring in management, which he has initiated in the finance sector.

The Masters that he called the architects of his success:

  • Mr. William Lee Rand
  • Mr. William Lee Rand
  • Prof. Kevin Lane Keller
  • Mr. Donald Robertson
  • Dr. Assen Alladin
  • Dr. Michael Newton
  • Dr. John Butler
  • Mr. Anthony Robbins
  • Mr. Thomas J. Leonard
  • Master Hypnotist Gil Boyne
  • Dr. Richard Wayne Bandler
  • Dr. Philip Kotler
  • Mr. Brain Tracy
  • Mr. Donald Trump
  • Hiroshi Doi Sensei
  • Mr. Robert Kiyosaki
  • Mr. Tony Buzan

Nowadays, Elibol provides training in his own areas of expertise, especially in the European Union Parliament and the British Parliament and carries out performance coaching of many of the world’s leading leaders and leading institutions.

The International Coaching Federation ICF Credential-holder as Master Certified Coach (MCC) Fatih Elibol is among one of the best executive coaches in the world. He conducts special training programs and mentorships for Professional coaches who want to be one of the best and for people who want to progress towards being a professional coach.

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    In order to achieve your life goals, you must first clarify. I’m willing to coach you and your team to reach the point you want to be from your current ,plus to carry on mentoring according to your needs, with my 20-year worldwide experience. Let’s add success to you and your team by creating tailor made training programs. Are you ready to be one of my succeeded clients on your personal life, business, team, and more?