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Gestalt Coaching

The Gestalt Approach, a humanistic approach that aims for a very distinct integration, tries to make a statement based on human lives and behaviors. While trying to achieve this, it ensures that all emotions that go unexpressed find an expression in Gestalt Coaching through various techniques.

The coach’s mission is to keep the client live in here and now. However, in the coaching process, it is extremely important to gain awareness of unfinished businesses related to the past. In the Gestalt process, the hints of nonverbal messages of the body language are critical sources of information for the Coach.

Real communication is beyond words, and during coaching, as the coach observes nonverbal behavior, he also learns the real story that is the basis to the content of the spoken language. The Gestalt Approach is a powerful learning model and enables the coach to quickly reach the desired stage of the coaching process with the effective awareness that he/ she will provide to the client, as well as realizing the problems of the client and finding solutions.

In this theoretically and practically designed elective training, Gestalt and creativity are to be handled as a whole, and the 20-hour training program is aimed at helping internalize the concepts and explain what Gestalt is, how to use its basic principles as a way of life in peoples’ lives and professions.

During the course of the training content, the Gestalt approach and its founders, the foundations and psychology of the approach, the Humanist approach and Holistic (Egalitarian) perspective, the Existential approach, field theoryphysical therapy and all other foundations are to be discovered.

Gestalt Coaching
Gestalt Coaching

As the basic information of Gestalt approach and Phenomenological approach concepts are acquired, concepts of here and now, cases, awareness, contacting, forms of contact, self-rotation, desensitization, saturation, reflecting, perversion and nesting are going to discovered with more in depth.

Group counseling, therapeutic norms and factors, basic tasks of the group leader, creation of psychological counseling group and counseling process are analyzed with all their details. According to the Gestalt approach, group counseling information is obtained and individual-oriented groups, personal development-oriented groups and education-oriented groups are examined.

Gestalt coaches, in addition to all their coaching skills and knowledge, offer their clients various life experiments in the coaching process. Because Gestalt Coaching is fundamentally all about awareness. While coaching, the coach encourages the clients to see their past as an experience and investigates the impact of these experiences on their lives.

As the clients become aware of these powerful effects in the coaching service they receive, and move toward the point they want to reach, they choose which experiences to use and which experiences to leave behind.  Through this experiential process, the clients gain a strong sense of peace and tend to choose behaviors that will improve their lives on the relevant matter.

The accepted approach in coaching is always the belief that the client is already whole and complete.  In Gestalt coaching, the coach also supports the clients to recognize themselves in the experiential field with the assumption that they have inner wisdom, and thus they experience a positive and permanent transformation and change. But it should not be forgotten that this change is always the responsibility of the client.

In our own world, the interactions with our past are reflected in our present as discoveries and sorrows filled with feelings of regret in every area where awareness cannot be reached. Instead of thinking that we are desperate and agreeing to the memories and emotions of the past as if they are not in our area of influence, with the awareness that Gestalt coaching provides, we become sensitive.

Gestalt coaching determines where is it that we are avoiding, brings it to the focus of healing the situation with the sense of comfort in the client. It furthermore ensures our rapid and permanent progress with a courageous stance nourished by infinite confidence towards the goal we want to achieve at the present moment.

An individual who has gained awareness, realizes what they hear, see, feel, think, do, and what happens around them “here and now” and has a deep respect for all their experiences. All concepts in the Gestalt approach form the basis of Gestalt coaching, along with the Gestalt life cycle. The training content you will receive has been carefully prepared based on this foundation.

The Gestalt coach is literally a mindfulness expert. The Gestalt approach gives the coach a strong stance with all his teachings and the ability to use Gestalt-based techniques. The construction of awareness is a powerful intervention. In this training, as the coach continues to focus on existence, he also learns how to collect data, report his observations, and use this information in coaching. After Gestalt coaching training, he knows all effective awareness methods.

He is trained to become competent in Gestalt coaching skills and he is able to notice which stage the client is in, respect them, and more.

He learns Gestalt coaching techniques, body therapy and energy practices, dream studies, the advantages they provide to the coaching process, and acquires strong experiences while using all metaphors in practice within training. Gestalt coaching is one of the most important trainings in the coaching professional development process.

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