New Age Hybrid Management and Start-Up Coaching Certificate Program

Coaching Certificate Program

No matter how much experience you have in your life, you can do management coaching. Being in different professional groups and having different educational backgrounds are not in the way of management coaching.

Thanks to the things you will learn in the New Age Hybrid Management and Start-Up Coaching Certificate Program, you can improve in coaching, a separate profession built on specific methods and techniques, and you can become a credentialed and professional ICF coach. Just know now that you are only at the beginning of this journey. You are only at the beginning of a special profession where you will discover, learn, and then, share them.

Program Highlights

It is aimed for you to have the ability to manage your whole life with this training program, enabling you to leave your passive position in your business life and life in general, to move forward with high performance where you are active and effective, and where you can experience and sustain the power of coaching in all aspects on your journey to success.

It is intended for you to be able to recognize the obstacles you have created for yourself in your work life and life in general, overcome these obstacles, find ways of overcoming them, reveal your competencies, provide process management, as well as acquiring the knowledge and skills that will allow you to actually clear away the difference between your potential and your performance. At the next stage, it is also aimed for you to be the best coach in your coaching service, where you can pass these on to the people around you.

With MCC Mentor Coach Fatih Elibol who aims to extensively teach you all aspects of the coaching service that is provided within the framework of confidentiality based on trust, you will enjoy and experience the aspects of your work from its combination with coaching.

MCC Mentor Coach Fatih Elibol
MCC Mentor Coach Fatih Elibol

MCC Mentor Koç Fatih Elibol completed his higher education at NYU Leonard N. Stern School of Business, with a double major in Business Administration and Political Economy. Following his Master’s degree in the Department of Business Administration at Harvard University, he is currently pursuing a PhD in Psychology and Human Development at Oxford University.  While he continued his career at Trump Organization between 1996-2004 and working as a sales manager, he developed hypnotic sales, holistic success, self-programming, and coaching programs, as well as training for sales and management teams. Thanks to ICF’s founder Thomas Leonard, he met with coaching in 1996, he then developed different business models with his coaching skills and established his own brand in the real estate sector, working with an agency system in 5 different continents.

As someone who has made a difference in the world with his hypnotic performance coaching and mentoring in management he has initiated in the financial sector, he has prepared the New Age Hybrid Management and Start-Up Coaching Certificate Program for you.

Program Content

With this training program, you will learn what management and the concept of management are, how individuals want to be governed today, how a business is managed, what are the management functions, and what characteristics should the activities of management levels have. You will gain the knowledge and skills about what characteristics a successful manager should have, what managers working in big companies do, the tools of strategic administration, and the ability to provide performance coaching with all units from A to Z, as well as SMEs (startups).

Management and Start-Up Coaching program is different than its counterparts, adopting the perspective of Harvard University’s MBA program, it is a training combined with coaching and it is exclusively prepared for coaches in order to provide stronger and more successful entrepreneurs, SMEs, businesses, and institutions.

With this program, you will learn the most special areas of coaching the system. You will see that you can coach in a more niche area such as what a business is, how a business is run, who is a SME and how should an entrepreneur move forward to be successful. While providing coaching service to the system along with the emotion, you will understand that we do not need to know about the person we are facing or what he is doing, and that it is enough for the coach to have coaching knowledge and skills.

But here, it is unlikely that a coach can coach a management without knowing what management is. With this training containing an infrastructure that will allow you to coach all businesses, you will also have general coaching teachings for yourself and the people around you.

The process that allows you to get to your current point in business management is important and valuable for coaching. In this process of knowledge and experience, you will realize how you create obstacles for yourself, and how you solve those obstacles, then, by accepting it as a field of knowledge and experience, you will land on here and now. You will know where these experiences you gained until this training program are useful for you, however at what stages they are currently preventing you, what you will leave behind, and what you will take with you in your progress. You will be able to recognize yourself, your behavior, thoughts, reactions, and actions better and clearly.

Along with the training content you will receive in the New Age Hybrid Management and Start-Up Coaching Certificate Program, you will be able to achieve a level of conscious awareness. With this program, we aim to ensure you to transform the false belief patterns that you have carried in yourself and in your life until today, that keep you from your successful progression, the stereotypes that you realize that should not be used anymore, that limit you; and instead, to build them by breaking them down, and re-learn without using these patterns.

On the path to managerial success in the coaching service that you will learn in this training model, you will also understand that the coach will not find a way out of problems nor will he offer solutions. Solutions that belong to others may not be right ones to solve the situation in your related issue. You can get opinions of people who you believe are more competent in the managerial field than you are, but in the coaching service, you will find that is not going to happen.

Because coaching breaks down this simple habit, as with the connected perception, and allows you to find the path or ways to find the strongest, most lasting solution. The coach makes you find your knowledge and skills with the right and powerful coaching questions in the managerial field by using coaching techniques and methods without giving guidance, advice, suggestion, criticism, or judgment. The strongest muscle in the coaching profession is this strength.

A coach is someone who makes people find out what to do or not to do. The COACH is the person who makes the individual listen to his/ her inner voice, to his/ her already existing wise voice and the information originating from there, as well as ensuring he/ she feels confident and takes action without delay. The COACH knows that there is much more to the person than he/ she thinks and that the wisdom from his/ her inner voice will give him/ her the answers he/ she is already looking for. Coaching is a practice that allows people to walk with their wise inner voices, that is, to ensure they become self-confident and self-ordained individuals. Coaching service is a process.

Especially in businesses, all management levels and organizations that will make the business successful in real terms, need to master determinant orientations such as vision, mission, strategy, action plan, SWOT analysis, and SMART applications, together with team management and leadership qualities. They need functional learning such as methods, techniques, theorems, and methodologies. With this training, you will be in a position to share your learning through integrating it with your coaching service, all the while receiving training for your own needs.

In the New Age Hybrid Management and Start-Up Coaching Certificate Program, MCC Mentor Coach Fatih Elibol will teach you that you are always wise, and how you can put your thoughts and ideas into action in your professional and social life with coaching methods when you doubt yourself, how you can enlighten unclear situations; and he steers you towards knowing what to do. After that, you will be able to determine your process management, which allows you to be enthusiastic and motivated when taking action.

Program Details

With the advantage of having a hybrid system training program, you will be able to receive this training online, face-to-face, in a classroom environment, or in combination. The training has been prepared as an ACSTH (Approved Coach Specific Training Hours) program that is accredited by the International Coach Federation, ICF, and you can take it in Turkish and English, in 7 different countries around the world.

During and After the Program

Thanks to the fact that the program has been prepared as an ACSTH program accredited by ICF, you will be able to apply for the ACC (Associate Certified Coach) credential with this 60-hour training to become an ICF coach. You will be able to experience and perform coaching during and after the training period. You will also be supported by practices that will allow you to meet the 100-hour coaching experience requirement for the ACC credential.

Management coaching service is the lever of a company, SME, and entrepreneur. The way of leading and managing planning with the ability to use company resources most effectively is very important. Measuring the results of financial results, strategy, and budget plans and evaluating the costs in the process is a great need. Process management skills, clarity of job descriptions, areas of responsibility, follow-up, authorization, and transfer of authority are also important. Contact us to learn how to do all this in this training content and to improve your management, leadership, and coaching journey with the knowledge and experience of MCC Mentor Coach Fatih Elibol.

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