New Age Hybrid Sales Coaching Performance Coaching Certificate Program

Sales Coaching Performance Coaching

Does the question “how could you have made the sale” instead of “why couldn’t you make it?” sound more pleasant to you, too? In addition, given the fact that sales is usually in all aspects of our lives, this question is not only pleasant but it is also of importance regarding our lives.

Those who attend this training program with the belief that “sales is not a profession, but a skill” are firstly faced with the fact that sales usually exists in all areas of our lives. Instead of selling in these areas, the basis of the training offers a perspective that integrates with coaching through the concepts of buying and getting people to buy.

Who Can Participate?

If your business is based on getting people to buy, if you have a job in the service industry, or if you are a sales manager in your current profession, this training has the program content that can make you the best and most successful salesman in your business and career life.

Program Highlights

Since it is a proven area of systemic success, currently, the sales coaching process has become quite the demand in the sales sector.

Sales Coaching Performance Coaching
Sales Coaching Performance Coaching

This training, which contributes to the perspective of getting people to buy, is a special NLP-based sales coaching training, improved by NLP techniques and techniques for questioning the applicability, need of coaching techniques and methods.

This is a training where you will learn all the basics you need to know about coaching and acquire all the knowledge and skills you need. The program aims to enable you to become a coach for yourself as well as those around you through acquiring many special coaching skills, such as co-active-based certified coaching skills, as well as being able to coach your professional life.

The most important advantage this training provides is that it opens the doors to coaching even when you are on your ICF credentialing journey.

Thanks to this special training, which will allow you to become a professional in sales and coach those who want to become professionals in sales; you will be able to achieve and ensure an increase in sales revenue. By applying coaching knowledge and skills together with NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming), you will be able to coach your clients with one-on-one sessions.

In sales coaching, the client is intended to integrate and develop all his/ her strengths with sales techniques and methods by revealing them through one-on-one sessions and the coaching tools used.

In this training, the points that are specifically studied in performance coaching are combined with sales coaching.

One of the main goals of this training program is to find a special way for you to achieve success with communicative and managerial techniques and to ensure that your consultant finds the special way as well. The coach is not a consultant who just points out or suggests what needs to be done, but someone who finds a way for the person to decide and implement it him / herself. MCC Mentor Coach Fatih Elibol is focused on your change and transformation with a supportive, encouraging approach and offers you the way to success with exclusively designed content.

Fatih Elibol enables the areas where you will have difficulty in technical, behavioral, and intellectual changes. In this way, you can be coaches who can do both certified sales coaching and general coaching.

Our Training Content

Sales Coaching and Performance Coaching embody many fields of study within themselves: the current status of the job, what is the goal and point of success; the person’s strengths, talents and skills, figuring out how to transform this potential into performance through the discovery of the potential; what can the individual define in him/ herself in order to achieve the most efficient and highest success; how to combine these skills with methods of getting people to buy; what are the short term and long term goals; what is needed in planning and strategy development for defined, clear goals; what are the internal and external resources, what kind of support can be obtained or from where; what the action plan should be; what are the alternative routes, what have been tried so far, which parts were a success and which parts were a failure; what is the most efficient and fastest action plan preferred; what should be the first action step; how results are measured; what is our time commitment; how techniques and methods can be developed in the follow-up process; how to make a situation analysis and so on…

Sales Coaching training is quite different from classical sales training. While classical sales training deals with what sales is and how to sell, sales coaching deals with determining the real needs of buyers, making effective sales according to them, and how to increase sales performance.

Therefore, in this training program, you will gain competence on mastery of sales, emotion-based sales, win-win concept, sales communication, rejection in sales, messages on sales, and psychological rules of sales; however, these competencies will be improved with the use of NLP, sales representation system in sales and secret sales. Afterwards, as the training progresses, sales flirtation period and delta plan on sales will be learned and improved. We will delve deeper and come to a further stage with expression engineering, use of hypnotic language in sales, and the ways to reach the peak in sales.

One of the significant points of this program is the flow of communication experienced during the process of getting people to buy. Psychological process management is one of your detailed learning areas, how to solve the issues of rejection, objections, and difficulties in the closing process, as well as how to completely prevent them from happening again.  

Being able to find your own sales style is very important for success. The New Age Hybrid Sales Coaching Performance Coaching Certificate Program aims to ensure you to become a sales master and have different perspectives. With the basis of the training focused on the solution, motivation, and applicability, you learn how to develop skills that you are mostly acquainted with but cannot apply.

MCC Mentor Coach Fatih Elibol can establish empathy with the answerer switching from the question of “why couldn’t you make the sale?” to “how could you have made it?” and has special skills such as deep listening, active listening, empathic listening, which you will hear the most during the training; he will be with you throughout the training and provide you with practices and experiences. 

If you are a sales administrator and want to manage your team with a coaching approach, provide quick crisis solutions, increase the performance of each team member, increase the overall team performance, achieve the sales targets, ensure the permanence of success within the whole sales organization, ask powerful and right questions without judgment, enable people to internalize and adopt their actions by finding what they will do without operational guidance in your communications, this training program will enable you to achieve them easily.

As a manager who creates a sense of trust and understands deeply, it will pave the way for the most fundamental way of secure communication to lead you and your team to lasting success. The performance evaluation and development studies you will deal with through coaching skills without judging, criticizing or pressure, will no longer be difficult for you but will become a more enjoyable and mindful process instead. During your development, you can accompany your team, have skills that will ensure their high performance and keep them on track.

Program Details

New Age Hybrid Sales Coaching Performance Coaching Certificate Program offers a hybrid system training opportunity. You can get 60 hours of training in combination, whether online or in-class. You can also complete the training in English and Turkish, thanks to the established technical infrastructure with simultaneous translators.

This program is accredited by the International Coaching Federation, ICF as a hybrid system training program.

During and After the Program

When you complete the New Age Hybrid Sales Coaching Performance Coaching Certificate Program training, you will be able to coach even if you are still on your ICF credentialing journey. With this training you will receive with MCC Mentor Coach Fatih Elibol, you will be able to experience coaching, get coaching services and conduct sessions. In this way, as your experience continues to expand, you will be on your way to specializing in sales and coaching.

MCC Fatih Elibol

Another goal of this training aiming for sustainable, continuous success, rather than a one-time success, is to ensure you to become a professional coach with an International Coaching Federation, ICF, credential.

After receiving this 60-hour training program and gaining 100 hours of performance coaching experience, the necessary application criteria will be met and the way to an ACC-credentialed, accredited, ICF-certified coach will be paved. You can also apply for an ICF credential through accredited training according to ACSTH’s (Approved Coach Specific Training Hours) comprehensive hours.

You can contact us to explore your sales skills, to look at the sales process from a holistic point of view, improve the performance of both yourself and your team while understanding the motivations for buying and getting people to buy, and to do all this on the basis of a coaching understanding that will improve the lives of both you and the people around you.

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