Comments regarding Operational Standard

1. Title of the program:


Holistic Life and Business Coaching Diploma Program offers its participants a total of 174 hours of diploma programme consisting of professionally developed compulsory courses and electives.

2. General Program Vision and Goals:

Holistic Life & Business Coaching Diploma Program Vision;

To train professional coaches by providing holistic training in the field of coaching.

Holistic Life & Business Coaching Diploma Program Mission:

To provide high quality training by constantly following the recent updates in the field of coaching.

To enable individuals to gain awareness both in their work and private lives through the trainings we provide.

To contribute to the advancement of the coaching profession globally.

To properly introduce ICF to every participant who has received training.

General goals of the Holistic Life & Business Coaching Diploma Program:

HLBCDP, offers its participants a total of 174 hours of diploma programme consisting of professionally developed compulsory courses and electives.

Our primer focus is to make sure that the participants gets familiar with the coaching field. Also, to make them learn the basic competencies of coaching and make them gain the

important skills of coaching.

Then, we aim to enable participants to acquire the specific skills and techniques necessary to coach other individuals more deeply into their lives.

With our team coaching module, we aim to set the right goal for the teams with the basic coaching knowledge and skills that we have in coaching and to ensure that the team achieves this goal.

With our Management coaching module, the personnel at all levels (blue collar – white collar) working in companies make all their business processes with a coaching perspective. We aim to bring together the corporate vision with the employees’ business vision at a common point.

With the help of the supervisor coach, we enable the coach who performs the coaching session to oversee his / her practices with the professional eye of an experienced coach.

The goal of this module is to ensure that an adequate, competent, experienced supervisor observes and evaluates the coaching process in terms of the knowledge and skills required for professional development in coaching.

In addition, it is within our program objectives to introduce the different coaching models in our training module and the individuals we train with new and different coaching models.

3. List of classes/modules/parts:

HLBCDP, offers its participants a total of 174 hours of diploma programme consisting of professionally developed compulsory courses and optional.

Details of the training program are as follows.


Module 1: Basic coaching knowledge and skills

Module 2: Certified Coaching

Module 3: Team Coaching

Module 4: Management Coaching

Practical Mentoring


Module 5: Coaching Supervision Training

Module 6: TA coaching

Module 7: Gestalt Coaching

Module 8: Sales Coaching

Module 9: Mentor Coaching Training

4. Number of student contact hours included in program:

Students must attend the entire 174-hour training module. After the training modules are finished, they must give at least 100-hour coaching session.

5. Learning goals:

The key objects of this training are:

• To inform participants about understanding of the purpose of the coaching, its value and nature.

• To enable participants to explore the role of the coach and the nature of the coaching relationship.

• To introduce the core principles of coaching for performance and to develop key skills and competencies.

• Giving participants the experience of being coached and coaching others.

• Participants will explore the values, behaviours, skills and capabilities that will enable them to understand and develop themselves and others.

6. Coaching Philosophy/ Model/ Approach:

Our philosophy of coaching education is primarily to train coaches who comply with ICF core values and ethical principles and Ethical Standards.

Encouraging individuals to increase their awareness. Enabling and helping individuals to develop solutions and strategies.

Our coaching approach is to support all participants to become professional in the field of personal development and coaching with the coaching training that we will provide in addition to the knowledge, experience, skills and expertise that they have.

In our training, we include the models used in coaching for institutions and individuals to achieve their goals.

With the coaching models we use, we help our participants define the coaching process abstractly and conceptually.

The main coaching models we use in our training;

Co-active coaching Model TGROW Model Transaxional Analysis Model Model of Gestalt

7. Lead Instructors:

Fatih ELIBOL MCC Coach

8. Dates and locations of when and where the program is to be delivered:

Turkey, United Kingdom, EU Countries, UAE Countries January 2019 – January 2024

9. Language(s) that are used in program delivery:

Turkish and English

10. How the program is delivered:

The program is given in the form of face-to-face, webinars, lectures via zoom, on-site training, in-class training, and combinations.

11. Intended participants:

Companies Company employees Human resources managers Coaches


Those who think about individual development

12. Requirements students must meet to enter the program:

A pre-education agreement is being made with all students.

100% participation in the training program is compulsory. They have to practice for 30 hours after the training is over. Then they’ll have a 100-hour individual coaching session. After finishing these, they are required to report a 10-day coaching session audio recording.

It is also mandatory for them to take a 10-hour mentor coaching session to finish the program.

13. Policies on payment of tuition and fees:

Payments are made in advance, with credit cards or through our contracted banks. We make 8 installments on contracted bank credit cards. At the same time, they can make the payment amount by using a loan between 6 months and 36 months through our contracted bank for easy payment.

14. Policies on withdrawals and refunds:

Our participants who cancel before the training starts are refunded the money they paid. If the training is cancelled after the start of the courses, the money paid after the module fee is dropped is refunded.