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Coaching with Transactional Analysis

A structural model of personality developed by Eric BernTransactional Analysis is also one of the important approaches that address the attitudes and behaviors that individuals exhibit while communicating as a reflection of their personality.

Transactional Analysis (TA), which is a humane approach, is a theory of personality, communication, and psychotherapy. The foundation of TA theory is based on structural and functional ego states. These ego states are associated with thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that show up periodically as a reflection of the personality. Our ego states are formed out of our personal lives as a result of our relationships with our environment and can change at any moment.

The objective of the Transactional Analysis Coaching (TA Coaching) program, with the information you will obtain in the 20-hour training content, is to help you first notice your behaviors towards yourself then towards others and your life. This coaching model created by blending the Transactional Analysis approach with coaching tools, aims to allow you to internalize this awareness from a coaching perspective by helping you realize people’s self-state.

In the learning content of the Transactional Analysis Coaching program, we will learn the Transactional Analysis Ego States in depth. In ego states, we will examine structural analysis, functional analysis and interaction of ego states. We will study transactions with practices. Then, you will learn the Egograms, namely constancy hypothesis, and structural features of ego states. After the practices with which you can internalize all this, we will move on to life positions. With the plenty of practising you will do, you will be able to expand your knowledge and put it into practice easily and with pleasure.

Transactional Analysis Coaching
Transactional Analysis Coaching

After completing the compulsory courses and learning the most basic skills and knowledge of the coaching process with many technical tools, with this training program, you will acquire the critical first stage of your process of becoming a coach who coaches more professionally. Your ability to do Transactional Analysis Coaching, a special and determining method in the field of coaching that grants you the most privilege in the coaching training sector, will enable you to have a style that separates you from all coaches. The coaching you have started and continue with this exceptional ecole will give you the chance to become the most qualified coach in your field.

TA coaching method, through creating a strong distinction of area in coaching, will ensure you to be in a preferred position with your professional development and the coaching results you will get as well as helping you reach a higher level.

Developed by Eric Berne, who trained as a Freudian psychoanalyst and psychiatrist, and his colleagues, the Transactional Analysis (TA) or Functional Analysis Approach is a theory of personality and psychotherapy.

Transactional analysis presents both a structural model of personality and a functional behavioral model. Eric Berne, who thinks that psychoanalysis is time consuming, complex and weak in getting in contact with behaviors, has moved away from psychoanalysis and gave his full attention to TA theory with the aim of behaviours to make significant changes in people’s lives. In addition, TA has developed as an extension of psychoanalysis with concepts and techniques developed especially for group therapy.

While listening and observing them with these teachings you will acquire with Coaching with Transactional Analysis, you will be able to notice all the ego states of your clients.

As each person’s vital records are unique, the content of ego states also differs in each person and further varies in themselves situationally, temporally and spatially.

If each individual can put the right ego state into action at key point, they can also overcome their processes of objective knowledge. As long as individuals behave reasonably, they can constructively solve all their problems with themselves and others.

Understanding Ego States is fundamental to understanding the Transactional Analysis theory. All Transactional Analysts work with ego states that cover the important side of the personality and are seen necessary and distinctive characteristics of TA therapy. Structural analysis is the process that defines the pattern of emotions, thoughts and behaviors in the ego state and distinguishes it from other ego states. Consider what your Coaching process might be like as you become skillful at performing structural and functional analysis with advanced analysis.

Transaction, which is considered as the most basic unit of social communication, was defined by Berne as a unit of communication that occurs between particular ego states of two people, consisting of a stimulus and a response. The examination of transactions in relationships between people is the Main Transactional Analysis. Although you have not received your training yet, you can clearly predict how the communication management skill of a coach who knows the content of this method will be and how the coaching process will proceed in an advanced interaction with the client.

In your Transactional Analysis Coaching training, with the life positions you will learn, the behaviors of the people, their understanding of themselves and others to make their decisions and choices are observed beyond the reality presented by the client. People determine a life position from an existential point of view, and this is a state of being OK.

With TA coaching training, you will learn all the states of being OK and at that, you will improve your coaching level with great progress.

After that point, I’m OKAY – You’re OKAY.

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