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Mentor Coaching

In general terms, mentors are trustworthy people who provide insight, feedback and advices with a specific expertise where the more experienced or more knowledgeable person guides a less experienced or less knowledgeable person. Almost all of us know what it is to be a mentor and what mentorship is. Mentorship is the agreement between the Mentor and the Mentee, it is a way to support their progress and learning process in the related field.

Mentees make a professional investment in themselves for success. Mentorship aims to ensure that Mentees show a high level of performance, successfully advance in their career, establish deeper connections with the vision and mission of the profession, have a long-term performance with a successful approach within a certain framework, and improve their professional progress and skills.

Mentor Coaching is a coaching service that is provided to develop coaching skills and to receive feedback by working with an experienced professional coach interested in coaching performance, during the process of obtaining the ICF Professional Coaching credential. Mentor coaching is a compulsory service to be taken on the way to becoming an ICF credentialed Professional Coach. With this Mentor coaching service, coaches develop their competencies, increase their awareness of coaching and improve their coaching performance.

The participants who completed the Diploma program can apply for the PCC credential at ICF and become a coach with the PCC credential. Coaches with PCC credentials can mentor coaches seeking to obtain ACC or PCC credentials.

With the Mentor Coaching training, it is intended that you acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to mentor the coaches who want to get credentialed. During the 20-hour training, you will learn all the competencies and processes you need to know about mentorship in the Mentor Coaching program. In the content of Mentor coaching training, you will learn all the information about ACC coach basic skill qualification, ACC audio recording assessment, PCC coach basic skill qualification, PCC audio recording assessment, how to set up Mentor coaching interviews, and lastly, the CKA exam.

Mentor Coaching
Mentor Coaching

You are intended to get acquainted with the mentor coaching duties and competencies, gain the skills and competence you need to have as an ICF mentor coach; learn about the session processes in relation to the ICF mentor coaching program as well as the processes of evaluation and progression that will be dealt with as a mentor coach in every session of the compulsory 10 hours of working with a Mentor Coach as a requirement of the ICF criteria.

The ICF defines mentor coaching as the process by which mentee receives professional help to acquire and demonstrate the levels of coaching competence requested. Mentor coaching does not provide coaching on matters that are not related to the practice, personal life or improvement of the coaching performance of the coach receiving coaching.

In the Mentor Coaching process, the Mentor ensures that the Mentee, namely the coach, establishes compliance with code of ethics and professional standards in order to improve their competencies in the coaching process. It is extremely important to understand the code of ethics and standards of coaching, to be able to apply them accurately in all coaching situations as well as to understand and apply the behavior patterns of ICF administrative standards.

It provides an agreement with the mentor to determine how a coach will create a coaching agreement with their client and develop their coaching method.  The Mentor, on the other hand, is responsible for creating a supportive environment that ensures constant and mutual respect and trust in this process for Mentee.

In the process of becoming a mentor with all your experience and knowledge, in the mentor coaching training, you learn to develop effective communication competencies coaches use while coaching, as well as ways to improve many skills such as active listening, powerful questioning, and creating awareness in the clients. As a mentor you will also realize the importance of enabling a mentee to gain the ability to manage their own development and responsibility at a very fundamental level. While teaching your mentee the dos and don’ts in coaching interviews, what the coaching stance should be and how it should be acquired; it is also of great importance to ensure the sustainability of your coaching progress as a mentor. When coaching mentors, you will also learn what needs to be done at the end of each mentoring session in depth.

You will be acquainted with what is in your responsibility as a mentor every step of the way to ensure a coach can become an ICF-certified coach on their way to becoming an ACC-credentialed Coach. Mentor coaching, which must be acquired during the credentialing process in accordance with the current ACC application requirements for ICF, is very important for becoming competent in the evaluation criteria and successfully completing the official coach knowledge assessment exam. After starting coaching training, it is necessary to be able to provide a professional mentor support for the coaching assessment that will be measured in the event of adding an audio recording of at least 1 session of 100 hours of coaching experience with a minimum of 8 clients included in the ACC application conditions. At the same time, during the application process, ICF asks for 10 hours of working with a Mentor Coach to be documented during the online application.

In the Mentor Coaching training program PCC coaches or coaches who are on their way of becoming PCC coaches will take, you will experience the requirement and the awareness of being even more professional in every field that ICF assessors take as a criterion when evaluating Coaching.

As you continue the coaching journey according to the PCC skill requirements, you will learn the strengths and the skill areas that need to be developed in order to pass the PCC exam. Each candidate who has completed their training and are on their way of becoming a coach with a PCC credential must successfully pass the performance review that after starting their coaching training in accordance with the ICF application conditions, will be measured in the event of adding a record of 2 sessions of 500 hours of coaching experience performed with at least 25 clients to their application.

As with the ACC application conditions, in accordance with PCC application conditions, 10 hours of working with Mentor Coach needs to be documented during the online application.

With the mentor coaching training program, as mentoring coaches or as a PCC and MCC Coach you will have the chance to abide by the ICF code of ethics and to develop in the essential fields for all coaching levels and standards, along with being the best mentor to all ICF certification levels.

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