One-on-one Essential Coaching Skills and Knowledge with Fatih Elibol

Coaching is a profession that, as in every profession, regards the competence of its practitioner; aiming to achieve maximum competence in this direction and strengthening comprehensive coaching techniques that can be applied in all areas of life with trainings, it is a profession that progresses all over the world.

The first module in the 174-hour training program, Essential Coaching Skills and Knowledge, proceeds mainly with an applied course that is meticulously formed to ensure you to be a professional Coach in accordance with ICF‘s criteria. Its training content is enriched with important theories and scientific support to make you reach a rapid, sustainable and lasting success in your career. So, in this journey of great change and transformation that will positively affect your whole life, you will experience the privilege of taking safe and sound steps to a different world too.

With the information that you will come to know during the 16-hour period in which you will initially have orientation and training, you will have all the essential technical tools that will benefit humanity starting from yourself, and expanding to the whole world later on.  You will get acquainted with coaching, learn the core competencies of coaching, acquire important skills and be able to apply this knowledge to your life.

While being informed of this module, the introduction you will make with the historical development of coaching until today, what is coaching?, what is not coaching?, the main philosophy and benefits of coaching service, the ethical values and principles of coaching, the advantages of ICF coaching, ICF standards and ethics will make you realize how valuable and exceptional this path you tread is. Afterwards, while acquiring Essential Coaching skills, the power of understanding traditional stages of learning and knowing the structure of the brain and the mind will make you even more confident.

Essential Coaching Skills and Knowledge

You will see how the needs and dimensions of perception that underlie human psychology guide and influence our lives.

Think about it…

Right now, at very this moment, what is the action that you prioritize in your life?
Do you really need it?
The things you are aiming for, are they your dreams?
Are your dreams the best you can get out of life?
What you have failed to achieve, what you have given up and so on, is it all because you haven’t been clear in your action steps of how to get there?
What is your motivation to move you towards success ?

As you learn how to develop your Essential Coaching skills with this training and explore the eminent creativity revealed by the art of coaching, the pleasure you take from this journey will also increase.

The essential coaching module, which we will acquire through all methods, allows us to develop proper, harmonious and effective relationship building, effective listening and communication skills. The power of asking the right questions and our feedback skills constitute the primary foundations of our competence in coaching. In this way, we have made a strong start on the road to success by turning towards performance and behavior with a constructive and helpful focused attitude that should be in a healthy communication without judging, criticizing or without making individuals feel the need to defend themselves. It is also possible to understand how important this is based on our personal lives.

The need for communication that exists at the heart of man requires everyone to be listened to and understood. In each established dialogue, whether social or formal, we convey mutual feelings to each other, and the determiner of these emotional transfers is the approach in communication.

Our voice, intonations, emphases, questions, behaviors and attitudes are extremely effective in our approach. This module, which you have fundamentally taken with the introduction to the Coaching profession, will provide you with the awareness of all these and enable you to communicate with your whole environment in a healthy manner, starting with yourself. It is then you will achieve the ease of a much happier, more peaceful and successful life. Whatever form of communication you encounter, you will now know how to skillfully direct, control, and conclude the conversation for the sake of everyone.

With Essential Coaching skills and knowledge, throughout your training you will realize that the benefits that it will bring to you and your environment are not only in professional limitations, but so much more. 

In your current life roles, the communication with your social environment, the environment in your professional life, the authority you have in your life, all your communication with your partner, your children, your family and your parents begin to move in a positive direction as you apply what you have learned.

You will be prepared to provide individuals with the most comprehensive coaching service for those who need clarification for goals that are set to achieve in their lives or for goals that cannot be set, who need to be able to make the right inquiries in order to have stronger insights, who believe that there is more to be discovered with the right and clear questions in their lives, who have not yet revealed their potential, who want to reduce the stress in their lives and cannot make a viable plan for this, who are looking for their own answers in the name of finding out what inhibits or motivates them, and who expect the progress a Coach will bring them.

With the experience, coaching philosophy, ethical values and principles that this way that you will be proud of yourself walking for will bring you, you will have also started your process of becoming an ICF coach.

As for your current career, rapid advancement is possible only with business and human relations management, as well as your competence in this field. When the fact that all world leaders receive coaching is considered, managing your business and people with coaching methods allows you to achieve success much faster. You can reach the competence of increasing your revenues and successfully achieving your goals through coaching trainings.

After completing the first module, you will be able to receive 22 hours of the 2. Module, Certified Coach training where you can give deeper sessions to the lives of people who will receive coaching, you can coach your own life, you can achieve the things you aim for in your professional and career life along with learning even more skills and techniques along the way.

The continuity of this remarkable process, which you will proceed by adding on your Essential Coaching skills and knowledge, depends on your choice. This training will have strong contributions in the action steps you will take in creating your journey to success and I will be with you side by side as you are evaluating all the choices you make while coaching yourself.

Let’s get started !

Module 1: Essential Coaching Skills and Knowledge

Objective: it aims to introduce participants who want to receive coaching training to coaching, to teach them the core competencies of coaching and to enable them to acquire important coaching skills.

Training duration: 16 hours


Part 1: Essential Coaching Knowledge

    • Who is a Coach?
    • What are the Responsibilities of Coaches?
    • What is Coaching Philosophy?
    • What are the Benefits of Coaching?
    • What are the Ethical Values of Coaching?
    • What are the Core Competencies of the Coach?
    • What is not Coaching?
    • ICF Coaching Ethical Conduct
    • ICF Philosophy in Coaching
    • ICF Standards in Ethical Conduct
    • ICF Pledge on Ethics


    • Structure of the Brain
    • Right and Left Brain
    • How Does our Mind Work?
    • Conscious Mind
    • Unconscious Mind
    • Characteristics of the Two Minds
    • 6 Basic Human Needs
    • Aspects of Logical Perception
    • Logical Levels
    • Adaptation and Relationship Building Stage
    • Effective Communication Skills
    • Effective Listening Skills
    • Questioning Skills
    • Providing Feedback Skills
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