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Coach Supervising

Supervision is the oversight of someone else’s practices by a practitioner experienced in his/ her field, through the eyes of a teacher and a professional. It is the service that an experienced high-ranking expert with an accumulation of knowledge and skills offers to a low-ranking person or group, in which he observes and supervises the consultation process for the professional development of people. It includes a relationship-based evaluation process that focuses on a situation, extends over time to improve the professional competence of the low-ranking person and the quality of the service he offers.

With the recently increasing interest in the coaching profession and coaching trainings, the institutions providing these trainings in the sector have also increased. In many of the institutions that provide coaching training, my strong observations made me realize an important need. Even though topics related to coaching knowledge and skills are covered in these trainings, there are either no enough practices as to how will the Coach applicants who receive these trainings apply the knowledge they have obtained in their sessions, or their sessions are not observed by experienced coaches, thus they cannot receive supervision support.

In the relationship between a Supervisor Coach and Coach applicant, professional and important issues are examined for the professional development of the coach applicant. In addition, in this process, Coach Supervising provides guidance regarding the possible challenges and needs. In this way, coach applicants can get feedback in the name of understanding, internalizing, applying and improving all the information they have previously theoretically learned, and have the confidence that they are not alone in this journey.

The objective of the Coach Supervising program is to supervise the practice of the coach in the coaching session with the professional eye of an experienced coach; it is an exceptional and equipped training of 22 hours that includes learning the process in which a qualified, competent and experienced supervisor, in terms of the knowledge and skills required for professional development in coaching, observes and evaluates the coaching process.

Coach Supervising
Coach Supervising

In Coach Supervising training, you will learn supervision approaches and supervision models in detail. You will have the chance to learn about social and cognitive theory, supervision and self-sufficiency of the coach, different perspectives in coaching practices, what the supervision therapeutic alliance is, supervisory roles and styles, forms of evaluations as well as the professional advantages and opportunities all of these will provide for you.

Coach Supervising is a professional partnership between a supervisor and Coaches. One of the most powerful benefits of this collaboration is that it allows the coach to look objectively at the coaching sessions. It is intended for the coach maximize value, success and quality in the coaching service by increasing the level of awareness and competence.

The supervisor coach understands the concerns of the coach, the stress caused by the difficulties they experience, the fears of failure and so on; appreciates their successful practices, gives all the support needed, develops their skills and determines the need for further development. While sharing their experiences with confidence, they have a constructive, supportive and educational approach and help you to overcome the emotional burdens reflected on you from the coaching profession.

Coaching Supervising, getting supervisor coaching for continuing professional development is a must for a professional coach who coaches regularly. Being able to do active listening on your Coaching sessions without getting stuck on listening barriers, reading your client’s body language, using smart components actively, improving your powerful questioning skills and your ability to manage the process without going off the subject, using the same language with a more effective adaptation with the client as well as your client’s aware departure from your coaching session with the feedback he/ she provides will make you experience the qualification of your profession beyond measure. As the belief in the Coaching Supervising, coaching profession is improved by the observations of the results, you start to see the values coaching adds to your life more.

With the training you receive as a Coach supervisor, as well as the techniques and tools you will use, it will become very easy and practical for you to observe the development of the coach applicant or applicants and their coaching sessions in detail. Knowing the criterion you will analyze during the supervision process will give you strength.

As a coach supervisor, you will surely be provided with all the information you need for your professional development. You will learn about the ethics of your supervision coaching with the respective Coach as well as how to strengthen the internal flow of the interview process, functions and tasks. Reflecting practices, forms of transference, competence to perform one-on-one or group supervision, activities, importance and solutions, skills and strategies, and qualified questioning in the areas of application are some of the many training topics you will learn.

Coach Supervising has been accepted into the ICF training program (ACTP) as an elective course of continuing professional development (CPD) and is also recommended by ICF to professional ICF coaches. In addition, ICF supports Coaching Supervisors to take coaching supervision training for the learning, development and effective application of supervision skills and their contribution to the coaching profession.

With the Coach Supervisors authorized in this training program who contributes to the future of the coaching profession, the reference support needed for grading the coaching of coaches who will work as coaches in institutions or who are currently working are also provided. The effectiveness of coaching programs created in institutions as well as the benefit the measurability of the success provides to the continuity of your work is undeniable.

The truth that should always be remembered is that, NONE OF US ARE AS STRONG AS ALL OF US.  I am with you regarding the continuing development on the coaching profession and I share all my knowledge in our trainings.

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