New Age Hybrid Performance Coaching Certificate Program

Performance Coaching Certificate Program

How would it look like to take a step that will positively affect your entire life and lead you to sustainable and lasting success?

Thanks to the ACSTH-approved, New Age Hybrid Performance Coaching Certificate Program providing you with the privilege of taking firm and confident steps into the coaching profession in a great journey of change and transformation, you will learn coaching techniques that you can apply in all areas of life and gain full-scope coaching competence by deepening your skills. You will also gain competencies that will enable you to provide coaching services in both corporate and individual areas.

Program Highlights

The ACSTH-approved, New Age Hybrid Performance Coaching Certificate Program has training content that includes strong and proven approaches and is enriched with specialized theories and scientific support. In this program, we use more of the strong and proven co-active coaching model approach and move forward with practical applications.

One of the most basic points you will learn in the ACSTH-approved, New Age Hybrid Performance Coaching Certificate Program training is that coaching is “one and only”. Coaching is divided into coaching to emotion and the system, but Certified coaching practices according to their subjects in the training include, coaching to change, coaching to balance, coaching to satisfaction, coaching to values, coaching to limiting beliefs, coaching to peace, coaching to passion, coaching to happiness, coaching to simplicity, performance (athlete) coaching, team coaching, and group coaching.

Program Content

Initially, the hybrid system training content has been customized to further familiarize the students who are making an introduction to the coaching profession with the nature of coaching, in the same amount of time. In the program, we will first look at what coaching is and is not, its history and philosophy, its ethical values, its benefits, and main qualifications.

Then we will move on to basic coaching principles and ICF coaching. Here you will learn the coaching criteria for the International Coaching Federation, ICF, which gives our coaching profession professional credibility, and you will understand all the requirements to become a good ICF coach.

In order to facilitate internalizing the Co-active Coaching model approach, we will work on traditional stages of learning so that you learn basic coaching skills at the first step. We will look at basic human basic needs and vital interactions. In order to develop the basic knowledge and skills that we will consider under the art of coaching title, we will work on adaptation and relationship building, effective communication, effective listening, ability to ask questions and give feedback.

Then we will continue using the Co-active Coaching approach model. Co-active coaching is a deep and proven approach on emotions. It gives an infrastructure every coach who provides coaching services should have. In the communication established in the coaching sessions, it is a study in which not only the words of the client are heard, but also the feelings hidden behind the words, the spaces between the words, the areas reflected from the client are observed and listened to as well.

MCC Mentor Coach Fatih Elibol
MCC Mentor Coach Fatih Elibol

The Coach, with the help of strong analysis, detects where the client is strong, where he/ she is having trouble, where he/ she makes up excuses, and reflects it to the client. He enables the client to be aware of his/ her strengths and features that are open for improvement, and to create the right strategy and planning. He supports the client to overcome their situation sabotaged by internal and external influences when implementing this plan.

At a later point of the training, we will move on to the area of responsibility of the coach and learn all the stages of the Certified Coach process with certified coach knowledge and skills.

With the session process underlying the coaching service, you will learn about the responsibilities of your role in the session while providing coaching services on various topics, from the introduction and discovery phase to the satisfaction, change, balance, and development stages, then, to the advanced stage.

Another process we consider in Co-active coaching is the process of the client. Here, we will cover what you need to know and master in training, including the title of process coaching.

At this point in the training, we also aim for you to gain competence in advanced coaching skills as well as to have all the features of a strong coach in your related coaching session, a coach who can go deep and take you forward in your service as a certified coach.

In the coaching service, we intend to provide you with the ability to coach independently from the conditions by including the application forms of face-to-face sessions, telephone sessions, and online sessions in the training content.

Program Details

Designed by MCC Fatih Elibol, the 38-hour ICF ACSTH (Approved Coach Specific Training Hours) Certificate Program is one of the 4 ACSTH certificate programs approved by the International Coach Federation, ICF. Coaches who have completed the training hours required for the relevant credential through an ACSTH program can apply for the ICF credential by providing the necessary conditions.

In this context, by completing your training on Basic and Certified Coaching Knowledge and Skills in the ACSTH-approved, New Age Hybrid Performance Coaching Certificate Program, you will have made a basic introduction to professionalization in the coaching profession.

With the New Age Hybrid Performance Coaching Certificate Program, you will be able to receive this training of 38 hours total, as hybrid, that is, both online and in a classroom environment, together, or in combination. Our certification program is accredited by the International Coaching Federation, ICF, to provide training in the hybrid model. It can be provided in two languages, Turkish and English, especially in the UK, EU countries, UAE countries, and Turkey. In our training, where we make progress around the world with simultaneous translators in English and Turkish, sessions are provided according to the language of the majority of the class, with the possibility of instant audio translations to the participants in the classroom and online. 

However, the point we want to call your attention to in this program is that providing online training does not mean providing training videos. As the training provided in the form of videos are not considered valid in the ICF credentialing process in line with the ICF ethical rules and core competencies. Therefore, the ICF requires 80% of the training programs to belive. New Age Hybrid Training System Coaching Training is designed to have content and infrastructure that will enable all students participating in the training to reach enough knowledge about coaching without falling behind, as is the case in the classical training in the classroom environment. In addition, the training makes it possible for them to become certified and credentialed coaches enabled to become professional coaches in the best version of their potential.

After the Program

With the New Age Hybrid Performance Coaching Certificate Program, you will be able to use your 38 hours of training in your application counted as your required training hours for your respective ICF certification journey under ACSTH, and you will be able to obtain a certificate.

Contact us to participate in this program that will positively impact every area of your life and provide you with the key to sustainable and lasting success.

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