Mentor Coaching

Let’s focus on developing ICF Core Competencies and how you exhibited throughout a professional coaching session. Fatih’s Mentor Coaching will start just by application.

His greatest professional passions are partnering with professional coaches one-on-one to enhance and extend their skills and expertise. Based on his experience as an ICF Credentialing Mentor, MCC Coach, International Lead Coach Instructor and Mentor Coach, Fatih will help you:

Gain clarity on the ICF Core Competency skills, behaviors and the ICF Code of Conduct.

Staying abreast of current ICF Credentialing requirements and procedures.

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    Hi, I'm Fatih Elibol

    In order to achieve your life goals, you must first clarify. I’m willing to coach you and your team to reach the point you want to be from your current ,plus to carry on mentoring according to your needs, with my 20-year worldwide experience. Let’s add success to you and your team by creating tailor made training programs. Are you ready to be one of my succeeded clients on your personal life, business, team, and more?