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In Fatih Elibol’s Mentor Coaching journey that will start with just an application step, the focus will be on developing ICF Core Competencies and how they are used during the Professional Coaching session.


mentor is the person, with their skills and previous knowledge, shares their experiences with you in the process of taking you to the place you want to be and tells you what you need to do in this process. At this point, your choice of mentor as well as the mentorship you will receive is of great importance to you.

In mentorship that is acquired from the coaching certification process, proceeding on the way to the credential you want to have according to the ICF founders, the audio recordings on matters such as “Are you asking the right questions? Can you get the right answers? Can you resume the session accordingly?”  are examined and it is aimed to ensure that you get to the best place according to the credential you will acquire.

As I am the ICF execute Coach and International Coaching Federation (ICF) certified Master Certified Coach (MCC); in this program I am offering, the mentee, the advisee of the mentor can be every Coach candidate who wants to be one of the best on their ICF certification journey and who are on their way of being an ACCPCC and MCC Coaches and the expert coaches who want to be ICF certified Mentor Coaches to do mentorship. You will work one on one with professional coaches who want to develop and enhance their skills and expertise, as well as gaining clarity on ICF core competencies, Code of Ethical Conduct and procedures related to authorization requirements.

Coach candidates who are just starting out on the coaching profession; while you are moving forward with your professional development with your trainings and mentoring hours for the sake of being the best in my ACC and PCC Coach training process; you will go through a special (ACTP) program, as you will first become a competent ICF-certified coach when you are ACC or become a Mentor Coach, Training Coach and a Coach who can Accredit Training when you are PCC. In this program in particular, candidates who have completed the first two modules of this 174-hour training program are asked to perform 30 sessions of experience to improve their knowledge and skills as well as to document these sessions with the Session Assessment Form. After completing the compulsory and at least 2 Elective modules belonging to the ACTP Diploma program along with the completion of 100 hours of coaching practices; the coach candidates will start their mentoring practice lasting 10 sessions.

I am with you as your mentor every step of the way to ensure a coach can become an ICF-certified coach on their way to becoming an ACC-credentialed Coach. Mentor coaching, which must be acquired during the credentialing process in accordance with the current ACC application requirements for ICF, is very important for becoming competent in the evaluation criteria and successfully completing the official coach knowledge assessment exam. After starting coaching training, you should be able to receive a professional mentor support for the coaching assessment that will be measured in the event of adding an audio recording of at least 1 session of 100 hours of coaching experience with a minimum of 8 clients included in the ACC application conditions. At the same time, during the application process, ICF asks for 10 hours of working with a Mentor Coach to be documented during the online application.

Coaches who are competent Mentor Coaches to do mentorship, Training Coaches, Coaches who can Accredit Training and who are on their way of becoming ICF certified PCC coaches; will experience the requirement and the awareness of being even more professional in each field that ICF assessors take as a criterion when evaluating Coaching. As you continue the coaching journey according to the PCC skill requirements, you will learn the strengths and the skill areas that need to be developed in order to pass the PCC exam. Each candidate who has completed their training and are on their way of becoming a coach with a PCC credential must successfully pass the performance review that after starting their coaching training in accordance with the ICF application conditions, will be measured in the event of adding a record of 2 sessions of 500 hours of coaching experience performed with at least 25 clients to their application. As with the ACC application conditions, in accordance with PCC application conditions, 10 hours of working with Mentor Coach needs to be documented during the online application.

As a requirement of the ICF application criteria, expert Coach candidates who are ICF-certified PCC Coaches on their way to becoming ICF Master Certified Coaches (MCC), should have 200 hours of coach-specific training, 2,500 hours of coaching experience with at least 35 customers; they must upload audio recording for the required performance evaluations and written transcripts of coaching sessions during the online application; additionally, their 10 hours of working with Mentor Coach must be documented.

During credentialing, the requirement for ICF is essentially 10 hours of mentoring and certification, but this mentoring you will receive of 10 sessions is an exceptional program with supervisor content that takes about 30 hours.

With this mentorship you will receive, our priority is to start the model effectively and make the Mentor Coach- Coach relationship agreement, to uncover Mentee’s potential of what they wish to achieve, to ensure that both sides are clear about the purpose of coaching, to create success criterion in the Mentor Coach – Coach partnership, determining the charges, time frame and other aspects of the Mentor Coaching relationship from the very beginning, to inform the Mentee on all aspects of the ICF Code of Ethics, to acquaint the Mentee with the existence of the Ethical Conduct Review Board, to support the self-confidence of the coach receiving the mentoring service by asking them to consult other mentor coaches and make their choice accordingly, lastly, not to guarantee that the Mentee will acquire any credential degree as a result of the mentoring.

In the name of our development process, our progress is to focus on developing core competencies by reviewing the coaching sessions of the Mentee up to now, providing verbal or written feedback; giving sufficient time between two evaluations so that the feedback processes of evaluating the sessions contribute to the learning and development of the Mentee as well as to provide verbal or written feedback using the targeted examples from the sessions. In this way, Mentee will exactly know what to do and understand what needs to be done to acquire a deeper level of mastery in coaching. The focus will be on a process in which requirements, observations and the specific development needed to move to the next skill level are supported by feedback.


As an ICF certified Mentor Coach, MCC Coach, International Leader Coach and Trainer, I will help you with all of the matters above.

Fatih Elibol’s greatest professional passion is to work one-on-one with professional coaches who want to develop and enhance their skills and expertise; he will help you with the following matters as an ICF-Certified Mentor Coach, MCC Coach, Performance Coach and Trainer of International Leaders:

Gaining clarity on ICF Core Competencies and Code of Ethical Conduct.

Following ICF authorization requirements and procedures.

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